Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

So, you have finally reached that stage of school life where you need to switch from the regular pencil to a pen. It is indeed a major milestone in your student life, and you may be very excited to get started. If you ask a grown-up, they would still remember their first pen fondly.

Thus it is important that you pick the right kind of pen to get started so that you, too, can remember this phase with fondness and ace the art of writing with a pen with ease.

When it comes to picking the right kind of pen, you may find an overwhelmingly wide range of products, including gel pens, fountain pens, and ballpoint ink pens. If you are wondering which kind of pen you should get, it is important to understand that having a good pen is more significant than having a good stationery item.

 You need to pick a Pen that will enable you to write neatly and consistently with ease, even for a prolonged time. So, if you are interested in finding some good quality pens, here are a few suggestions.

Pentel Energel Clena Gel pen

The Pentel Clena gel pen features the signature Energel ink, quick-drying ink that provides a neat output without smearing or blotting. The pen has a rollerball which facilitates a smooth outflow of ink.

The pen comes in five different color casings, with the top of the barrel having four pastel candy-colored beautiful stripes, including mint green, saxe blue, classical pink, and mimosa yellow. The grip area of the pen is encased in rubber, making it comfortable to hold the pen, even for long writing sessions. It is a great gel pen suitable for beginners.

Sumikko Gurashi Ballpoint Pen

The San X Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pen by San X is cute and provides great writing output. The pen features the popular Sumikko Gurashi characters at the top of the pen, which goes down when the pen is retracted. The Sumikko Gurashi pen comes in six different casing designs, each design featuring a different character. The ballpoint pen comes with pre-installed black ink color and has a tip size of 0.7mm.

The Pilot Kakuno pen

Every student needs a good quality fountain pen, and the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen comes highly recommended.

The pen has a white plastic barrel with caps in four different pastel colors. The pen has a hexagonal shape, making it easy and comfortable to hold. It also allows for a sturdy grip so that the pen does not get away from you as you write.

The pen comes with a fine nib with a smiley face, which is intended to face up when you write. You may find this pen suitable, even for long writing sessions, if you are a beginner.

These are a few pens we recommend for every student. Whether you want a gel pen, a ballpoint pen, or a fountain pen, we have offered relevant suggestions, from which you can pick according to your preference and writing needs.

Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

When we transition from writing with pencils to writing with pens, it is a significant milestone in our school lives. Every student fondly remembers the first pen they took to school. However, having a good pen has more significance than having just a good stationery item.

A fine quality Pen will enable you to have a consistent output and write for a prolonged time without getting tired. Therefore if you too are looking for good pens, here is a list of a few fountain, gel, and ballpoint pens, which may help make your writing journey smooth and enjoyable.

Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Pen

The Pilot FriXion Ball Knock gel pen is a retractable pen that features the signature Pilot thermosensitive ink. The pen comes in eight beautiful ink colors and has a tip size of 0.4mm. The pen has a sleek body with a grip area encased in rubber intended for a comfortable hold.

There is a rubber at the end of the pen, which you can use to erase the ink. Simply rub the rubber over the writing, and the ink will disappear. As a student, you will find this feature quite handy.

Sumikko Gurashi Ballpoint Pen

The Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pen by San X is next on our recommendation list. The pen features the beloved Sumikko Gurashi characters at the top of the pen, which goes down when the pen is retracted. The ballpoint pen comes with pre-installed black ink color and has a tip size of 0.7mm. It comes in six different casing designs, each design featuring a different character.

Platinum Falling Star Fountain Pen

Awarded as one of the best stationery items in 2019, the Platinum Falling Star Fountain pen is great for beginners. It is lightweight with a comfortable grip and has a fine tip. The pen barrel comes in five beautiful pastel hues with a pre-installed black ink cartridge. The design of the pen makes it convenient to hold and clean.

Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

As a student, you may have to use numerous pens and pencils in a school year. Whether writing a report or an assignment, carrying out a simple discussion or taking down notes, you must have a pen readily available at all times.

Therefore, you need writing aides that provide a fine and consistent output and are also comfortable to work with. The Kawaii Pen Shop offers a wide selection of pens and pencils to cater to all kinds of writing needs. So, if you are a student and looking for the best pens, here are a few suggestions for you.

Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Pen

The FriXion Ball Knock pen belongs to Pilot’s FriXion pen range. The pen features the popular heat-sensitive heat, which can be removed easily through a distinctive rubber at the top of the pen barrel. If you need to erase something, just rub the rubber tip of the pen on the writing, and the ink will disappear.

The pen has a retractable tip and a 0.4mm tip size. The pen is available in seven different ink colors, including red, orange, pink, light blue, black, green and blue-black. The pen has a shiny and stylish body and is quite fun to use.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

If you are looking for fountain pens, Pilot’s Kakuno fountain pen is great for beginners. It is equipped with a black ink cartridge and comes in white encasing with the cap in four different colors. The pen is hexagonal, enabling you to hold it comfortably, while the smiley face on the tip helps you maintain accurate nib orientation.

San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen

If you are looking for a charming ballpoint pen, the San-X ballpoint design featuring the cute Sumikko Gurashi figures is perfect for you. The retractable pen comes with a tip of 0.7mm and has black ink. The pen retracts when you push the clip, and the cute Sumikko Gurashi character will move down. When the pen resumes the tip, the figure becomes visible again.

The Four Types Of Pens Should Every Student Have

If you are a student, you must be going through several pens in a year. Whether at home or in the classroom, you must always have a pen ready by your side to note down important points. So, your shopping for school supplies is incomplete without writing pens.

As a student, you may be excited about getting your hands on multiple kinds of pens, which are stylish and colorful and help you write smoothly for longer hours.

The Kawaii pen shop features a wide array of pens from which you can pick according to your requirements. So, before you head out with your shopping cart, go through our recommendations for various kinds of pens that students must have.

The Limited Edition San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen

The San-X Sumikko Gurashi figure pen is available in black ink in six different casing colors. The pen has a 0.7mm tip size and enables very crisp and smooth writing. You will enjoy this pen with its retractable Sumiko Gurashi figure.

Pilot Frixion Kese Lame Sparkly Erasable Pen

If you want a little sparkle to your headings or make cute crafts, these pens are a must-have. Available in seven different sparkly metallic shades, these pens are perfect for several purposes. The ink is erasable, so you do not have to worry about making mistakes.

Pentel EnerGel liquid gel pen

Looking for a pen for serious writing? The EnerGel pen is the one to have. The pen is available in three attractive casing colors in black ink. The firm rubber grip provides a comfortable hold for longer durations. Moreover, the rollerball lets the ink flow smoothly without leaving any smears or blots on the paper.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

The Kakuno fountain pen by Pilot comes with a pre-installed black ink cartridge. The pen has a white casing, while the caps come in four pastel color variations. The hexagonal body shape and cap indentations make the pen very comfortable to hold and write smoothly.

Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

Pens are essential tools for artists, writers, and students. Not only do they help with the legibility of text, but they can also be used to create works of art that would be impossible without them. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of pens on the market today; therefore, it is important to know what types of pens there are and their best applications.

Not all pens are the same. They come in four main categories: ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen, and marker/art pen. Understanding what kinds of pens there are will help you decide which one is right for you or your students. However, it is important to note that each pen type has its own set of pros and cons. This article will discuss the applications of each type and what you should consider before purchasing.

One of the most common pens on the market is the ballpoint pen. Made in a very simple manner, they are composed of a thin, metal tube filled with viscous ink stored in the pen’s body. The tip is composed of an absorbent material (such as felt) that has been attached to the end of the tube at one end. A long spring surrounds these attach point ballpoint pens, or “ballpoints.” They are very affordable compared to other types, making them ideal for students’ use. This article’s end is a comparison chart that shows some ballpoint pens found to be best for students.

Rollerball pens are very similar to ballpoint pens, but instead of ink being pushed out through a felt tip pen, they are water-based inks or gelled ink compared to the oil-based viscous inks present in them ballpoint pens.

Fountain pens are more ergonomic than ballpoint pens because they require less pressure to write, whereas ballpoint pens demand a lot of pressure. The flow of ink from the reservoir to the paper is controlled by an unbroken and well-maintained nib, allowing you to write with ease.

Designers, illustrators, and painters utilize art markers to get a distinct look in their work than paints or colored pencils. Due to the quick-drying, smooth colors that these art markers generate, they are often used in calligraphy, hand-lettering, and technical illustrations. All these varieties of pens are used based on the task and the person’s preference and comfort level. Kawaii Pen Shop has a lot of variety available of all the 4 types mentioned. 

The Type Of Pens Every Student Should Have

During their education years, students go through a large number of pens. At the beginning of every term or even in the middle of one, you may find yourself excitedly filling up your cart with various school supplies, including not one but many types of pens. While there are a plethora of options to choose from, when it comes to pens, you may want something that is stylish and aesthetically appealing and has great quality with a remarkable output, giving you value for money.

The Kawaii pen shop has a wide range from which you can pick what suits you. We have given a few recommendations below:

The Pentel Energel liquid gel pen

The Pentel Energel liquid gel pen has a 0.5mm fine needle tip. While it has black ink, the exterior comes in three attractive colors, including blue, black, and red clips, while the rest of the pen is white. The pen has a white rubber grip that makes the pen comfortable to hold for long durations. The rollerball allows the ink to flow smoothly on the paper without smearing or blotting it. The fine quality makes it a perfect choice to compile essays or formal reports. The liquid gel pen is priced at $4.99 and can be used for a long time.

The 10-in-1 multicolor ballpoint pen

If you are looking to add a touch of color to your school notes, the 10-in-1 multicolor ballpoint pen is the perfect pen to have. The outer casing has a quirky one-liner with five different colored retracting pins. The retractable tip is 0.5mm, and the colors include black, brown, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and red. Therefore, if you want to color-code your notes or add a zing, you can use this pen for the purpose. The pen is priced at $5.99 and offers a pretty good deal in the form of ten color options in the price.

Sumikko Gurashi 2-in-1 multicolor pen

If you want a cute pen that has two colors, this is the one to have. With a print of Sumikko Gurashi on the body, this pen is available in three different colors and has two ink combination choices: blue and black, red and blue, and red and black. This is the perfect blend of cuteness and convenience, priced at $7.99. It is great for color-coding, adding bullets, or taking notes and will make you stand out.

Pilot Acroball 3+1 ballpoint pen and pencil

This pen can be extremely useful as it provides you with three colors of ink and a mechanical pencil that you can use for different purposes. The pen has red, blue, and black Acro ink, richly pigmented and low viscosity. The fine 0.5mm tip and the ball allow for a smooth, flawless writing experience. Priced at $10.99, this pen is available in six colors, including lavender, mint green, honey, pink, light blue, and soft pink.

Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

A good pen can surely boost your grades. The best quality pens facilitate productivity, organization, and creativity. Smooth ink encourages attention to detail and neat writing. Nothing beats the comfort you experience when you turn to a difficult chapter and find some neat and clean notes clarifying the difficult parts. If you have the best Pen, you will be able to take better notes that guarantee better grades.

Here are some of the best pens every student must have:

1.    Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pen 

Zebra Blen ballpoint pen attempts to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with writing by introducing a better ergonomic design. Its beautiful design makes sure that the components fit perfectly to reduce the noise during use. Plus, the brass weight available in the tip lowers the center of gravity, making your pen more stable and easier to use.

2.    Pentel Energel Clena Gel Pen

The Pentel Clena Gel Pen is a combination of white finish and sweet pastel-colored pin striping inspired by the hue of unbleached cotton. This pen provides a smoother writing experience without blotting or smearing. In addition, because its ink dries pretty fast, this pen is a great pick for lefties.

3.    Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen 

Next, we have Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen. This one provides a smoother writing experience while delivering vivid and crisp lines. This pen is a perfect choice for lefties because its ink dries quickly to avoid smearing. In addition, it features a “Super ink” that traps in paper to avoid any document alteration or water damage.  

4.    Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen – Fine Nib

The pilot Fountain pen is designed for both experienced and beginner users. Its hexagonal body and cap make the pen more comfortable to hold. Plus, the smooth texture of the pen makes it easy to hold the pen while uncapping it. In addition, its triangular-shaped grasp with a smiley face allows your fingers to sit properly in the current position.

A Few Types of Pens that Every Student Should Have Around

If you are a student or the parent of a student, you know that there are certain things that need to get written down while someone is in a class. It is important for students to have access to a few different types of pens when they are in school. Each Pen will serve its own unique purpose.

A Student Should Have Serious Pens and Fun Pens:

There are certain things that a student is going to write with a serious pen. This pen should have black ink in it and it should allow a student to use their best handwriting. There are some things that a student will write that do not have to be perfect. When a student is taking notes to look back on at home, they should have fun and colorful pens that they can use for their note taking.

A Student Should Have Erasable Pens:

It can be helpful for a student to have pens that they can use that allow them to erase things when they mess up. Every student should have some of those pens around for when they are in the classroom so that they will always have the chance to redo things if they leave out information or misword what they are writing.

It is Important for a Student to be Set Up with Good Pens: When a student is set up with a variety of pens, their time in the classroom will go well. The more pens that a student has access to, the more fun that they will have with the writing that they do while at school.

Which Type of Pens should Every Student Have?

While every student needs a pen, there are must-have pens for students. Gone are the days where a single pen had a single color. Nowadays, we have retractable pens that offer most colors in one. There are also various pen designs that are attractive and stylish for students. At Kawaii pen shop, we look at different types of pens that every student should have. 

10-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen 

These are versatile pens containing 10 colors in one. You can write notes and color code without changing pens. You just need to push the ball on the top to retract the pen and choose a different color. This is a fun pen that brings major colors together. 

Hungry Hamster Gel Pen 

This is a cute little hamster gel pen with a hungry hamster design snacking on a cookie. It is a unique design that will have students standing out from the rest. Be sure to attract some attention with this type of pen. The pen is available in brown and caramel colors. 

Double Line Color Gel Ink Pen 

This is another exciting Pen that allows students to draw two lines of different colors simultaneously. It comes with two tips positioned next to each other. The pen is ideal for scrapbooking, planners, and journals. 

Pentel Energel Sumikko Gurashi Gel Pen and Pencil 

It is a limited-edition pen that delivers a smooth writing experience. Students can easily avoid smearing or blotting as they write. It is an advanced gel pen and pencil with gel ink that dries fast. The package includes two pens and two mechanical pencils. 

San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen 

This is another limited-edition pen with a 0.7mm tip. The pen features a retracting colorful clip. It is a premium pen with crisp blank ink. It writes smoothly making it a must-have for students. 

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