Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

A good pen can surely boost your grades. The best quality pens facilitate productivity, organization, and creativity. Smooth ink encourages attention to detail and neat writing. Nothing beats the comfort you experience when you turn to a difficult chapter and find some neat and clean notes clarifying the difficult parts. If you have the best Pen, you will be able to take better notes that guarantee better grades.

Here are some of the best pens every student must have:

1.    Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pen 

Zebra Blen ballpoint pen attempts to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with writing by introducing a better ergonomic design. Its beautiful design makes sure that the components fit perfectly to reduce the noise during use. Plus, the brass weight available in the tip lowers the center of gravity, making your pen more stable and easier to use.

2.    Pentel Energel Clena Gel Pen

The Pentel Clena Gel Pen is a combination of white finish and sweet pastel-colored pin striping inspired by the hue of unbleached cotton. This pen provides a smoother writing experience without blotting or smearing. In addition, because its ink dries pretty fast, this pen is a great pick for lefties.

3.    Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen 

Next, we have Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen. This one provides a smoother writing experience while delivering vivid and crisp lines. This pen is a perfect choice for lefties because its ink dries quickly to avoid smearing. In addition, it features a “Super ink” that traps in paper to avoid any document alteration or water damage.  

4.    Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen – Fine Nib

The pilot Fountain pen is designed for both experienced and beginner users. Its hexagonal body and cap make the pen more comfortable to hold. Plus, the smooth texture of the pen makes it easy to hold the pen while uncapping it. In addition, its triangular-shaped grasp with a smiley face allows your fingers to sit properly in the current position.

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