Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

Pens are essential tools for artists, writers, and students. Not only do they help with the legibility of text, but they can also be used to create works of art that would be impossible without them. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of pens on the market today; therefore, it is important to know what types of pens there are and their best applications.

Not all pens are the same. They come in four main categories: ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen, and marker/art pen. Understanding what kinds of pens there are will help you decide which one is right for you or your students. However, it is important to note that each pen type has its own set of pros and cons. This article will discuss the applications of each type and what you should consider before purchasing.

One of the most common pens on the market is the ballpoint pen. Made in a very simple manner, they are composed of a thin, metal tube filled with viscous ink stored in the pen’s body. The tip is composed of an absorbent material (such as felt) that has been attached to the end of the tube at one end. A long spring surrounds these attach point ballpoint pens, or “ballpoints.” They are very affordable compared to other types, making them ideal for students’ use. This article’s end is a comparison chart that shows some ballpoint pens found to be best for students.

Rollerball pens are very similar to ballpoint pens, but instead of ink being pushed out through a felt tip pen, they are water-based inks or gelled ink compared to the oil-based viscous inks present in them ballpoint pens.

Fountain pens are more ergonomic than ballpoint pens because they require less pressure to write, whereas ballpoint pens demand a lot of pressure. The flow of ink from the reservoir to the paper is controlled by an unbroken and well-maintained nib, allowing you to write with ease.

Designers, illustrators, and painters utilize art markers to get a distinct look in their work than paints or colored pencils. Due to the quick-drying, smooth colors that these art markers generate, they are often used in calligraphy, hand-lettering, and technical illustrations. All these varieties of pens are used based on the task and the person’s preference and comfort level. Kawaii Pen Shop has a lot of variety available of all the 4 types mentioned. 

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