The Four Types Of Pens Should Every Student Have

If you are a student, you must be going through several pens in a year. Whether at home or in the classroom, you must always have a pen ready by your side to note down important points. So, your shopping for school supplies is incomplete without writing pens.

As a student, you may be excited about getting your hands on multiple kinds of pens, which are stylish and colorful and help you write smoothly for longer hours.

The Kawaii pen shop features a wide array of pens from which you can pick according to your requirements. So, before you head out with your shopping cart, go through our recommendations for various kinds of pens that students must have.

The Limited Edition San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen

The San-X Sumikko Gurashi figure pen is available in black ink in six different casing colors. The pen has a 0.7mm tip size and enables very crisp and smooth writing. You will enjoy this pen with its retractable Sumiko Gurashi figure.

Pilot Frixion Kese Lame Sparkly Erasable Pen

If you want a little sparkle to your headings or make cute crafts, these pens are a must-have. Available in seven different sparkly metallic shades, these pens are perfect for several purposes. The ink is erasable, so you do not have to worry about making mistakes.

Pentel EnerGel liquid gel pen

Looking for a pen for serious writing? The EnerGel pen is the one to have. The pen is available in three attractive casing colors in black ink. The firm rubber grip provides a comfortable hold for longer durations. Moreover, the rollerball lets the ink flow smoothly without leaving any smears or blots on the paper.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

The Kakuno fountain pen by Pilot comes with a pre-installed black ink cartridge. The pen has a white casing, while the caps come in four pastel color variations. The hexagonal body shape and cap indentations make the pen very comfortable to hold and write smoothly.

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