Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

As a student, you may have to use numerous pens and pencils in a school year. Whether writing a report or an assignment, carrying out a simple discussion or taking down notes, you must have a pen readily available at all times.

Therefore, you need writing aides that provide a fine and consistent output and are also comfortable to work with. The Kawaii Pen Shop offers a wide selection of pens and pencils to cater to all kinds of writing needs. So, if you are a student and looking for the best pens, here are a few suggestions for you.

Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Pen

The FriXion Ball Knock pen belongs to Pilot’s FriXion pen range. The pen features the popular heat-sensitive heat, which can be removed easily through a distinctive rubber at the top of the pen barrel. If you need to erase something, just rub the rubber tip of the pen on the writing, and the ink will disappear.

The pen has a retractable tip and a 0.4mm tip size. The pen is available in seven different ink colors, including red, orange, pink, light blue, black, green and blue-black. The pen has a shiny and stylish body and is quite fun to use.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

If you are looking for fountain pens, Pilot’s Kakuno fountain pen is great for beginners. It is equipped with a black ink cartridge and comes in white encasing with the cap in four different colors. The pen is hexagonal, enabling you to hold it comfortably, while the smiley face on the tip helps you maintain accurate nib orientation.

San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen

If you are looking for a charming ballpoint pen, the San-X ballpoint design featuring the cute Sumikko Gurashi figures is perfect for you. The retractable pen comes with a tip of 0.7mm and has black ink. The pen retracts when you push the clip, and the cute Sumikko Gurashi character will move down. When the pen resumes the tip, the figure becomes visible again.

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