Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

When we transition from writing with pencils to writing with pens, it is a significant milestone in our school lives. Every student fondly remembers the first pen they took to school. However, having a good pen has more significance than having just a good stationery item.

A fine quality Pen will enable you to have a consistent output and write for a prolonged time without getting tired. Therefore if you too are looking for good pens, here is a list of a few fountain, gel, and ballpoint pens, which may help make your writing journey smooth and enjoyable.

Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Gel Pen

The Pilot FriXion Ball Knock gel pen is a retractable pen that features the signature Pilot thermosensitive ink. The pen comes in eight beautiful ink colors and has a tip size of 0.4mm. The pen has a sleek body with a grip area encased in rubber intended for a comfortable hold.

There is a rubber at the end of the pen, which you can use to erase the ink. Simply rub the rubber over the writing, and the ink will disappear. As a student, you will find this feature quite handy.

Sumikko Gurashi Ballpoint Pen

The Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pen by San X is next on our recommendation list. The pen features the beloved Sumikko Gurashi characters at the top of the pen, which goes down when the pen is retracted. The ballpoint pen comes with pre-installed black ink color and has a tip size of 0.7mm. It comes in six different casing designs, each design featuring a different character.

Platinum Falling Star Fountain Pen

Awarded as one of the best stationery items in 2019, the Platinum Falling Star Fountain pen is great for beginners. It is lightweight with a comfortable grip and has a fine tip. The pen barrel comes in five beautiful pastel hues with a pre-installed black ink cartridge. The design of the pen makes it convenient to hold and clean.

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