Which Type Of Pens Should Every Student Have?

So, you have finally reached that stage of school life where you need to switch from the regular pencil to a pen. It is indeed a major milestone in your student life, and you may be very excited to get started. If you ask a grown-up, they would still remember their first pen fondly.

Thus it is important that you pick the right kind of pen to get started so that you, too, can remember this phase with fondness and ace the art of writing with a pen with ease.

When it comes to picking the right kind of pen, you may find an overwhelmingly wide range of products, including gel pens, fountain pens, and ballpoint ink pens. If you are wondering which kind of pen you should get, it is important to understand that having a good pen is more significant than having a good stationery item.

 You need to pick a Pen that will enable you to write neatly and consistently with ease, even for a prolonged time. So, if you are interested in finding some good quality pens, here are a few suggestions.

Pentel Energel Clena Gel pen

The Pentel Clena gel pen features the signature Energel ink, quick-drying ink that provides a neat output without smearing or blotting. The pen has a rollerball which facilitates a smooth outflow of ink.

The pen comes in five different color casings, with the top of the barrel having four pastel candy-colored beautiful stripes, including mint green, saxe blue, classical pink, and mimosa yellow. The grip area of the pen is encased in rubber, making it comfortable to hold the pen, even for long writing sessions. It is a great gel pen suitable for beginners.

Sumikko Gurashi Ballpoint Pen

The San X Sumikko Gurashi ballpoint pen by San X is cute and provides great writing output. The pen features the popular Sumikko Gurashi characters at the top of the pen, which goes down when the pen is retracted. The Sumikko Gurashi pen comes in six different casing designs, each design featuring a different character. The ballpoint pen comes with pre-installed black ink color and has a tip size of 0.7mm.

The Pilot Kakuno pen

Every student needs a good quality fountain pen, and the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen comes highly recommended.

The pen has a white plastic barrel with caps in four different pastel colors. The pen has a hexagonal shape, making it easy and comfortable to hold. It also allows for a sturdy grip so that the pen does not get away from you as you write.

The pen comes with a fine nib with a smiley face, which is intended to face up when you write. You may find this pen suitable, even for long writing sessions, if you are a beginner.

These are a few pens we recommend for every student. Whether you want a gel pen, a ballpoint pen, or a fountain pen, we have offered relevant suggestions, from which you can pick according to your preference and writing needs.

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