Which Type of Pens should Every Student Have?

While every student needs a pen, there are must-have pens for students. Gone are the days where a single pen had a single color. Nowadays, we have retractable pens that offer most colors in one. There are also various pen designs that are attractive and stylish for students. At Kawaii pen shop, we look at different types of pens that every student should have. 

10-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen 

These are versatile pens containing 10 colors in one. You can write notes and color code without changing pens. You just need to push the ball on the top to retract the pen and choose a different color. This is a fun pen that brings major colors together. 

Hungry Hamster Gel Pen 

This is a cute little hamster gel pen with a hungry hamster design snacking on a cookie. It is a unique design that will have students standing out from the rest. Be sure to attract some attention with this type of pen. The pen is available in brown and caramel colors. 

Double Line Color Gel Ink Pen 

This is another exciting Pen that allows students to draw two lines of different colors simultaneously. It comes with two tips positioned next to each other. The pen is ideal for scrapbooking, planners, and journals. 

Pentel Energel Sumikko Gurashi Gel Pen and Pencil 

It is a limited-edition pen that delivers a smooth writing experience. Students can easily avoid smearing or blotting as they write. It is an advanced gel pen and pencil with gel ink that dries fast. The package includes two pens and two mechanical pencils. 

San-x Sumikko Gurashi Figure Ballpoint Pen 

This is another limited-edition pen with a 0.7mm tip. The pen features a retracting colorful clip. It is a premium pen with crisp blank ink. It writes smoothly making it a must-have for students. 

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